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FIS Alpine 69th Slovak Grand Prix 2024 as a tribute to Slovak and international skiing world legend and Slovak GP lifelong Director LADISLAV HARVAN

Ladislav Harvan left an indelible mark on Slovak skiing which also had a significant international impact.


The former competitor in downhill skiing received a first-class coaching qualification. He became the chief referee and technical delegate of the International Ski Federation (FIS) but he left the most significant mark in sports as an official and organizer of skiing events, as well as in the field of developement of sports facilities and their management.

An exceptional representative of skiing and High Tatras

Ladislav Harvan was the chairman of the Slovak Skiing Association and vice-chairman of the federal association (from 1986 to 1992). For decades, he participated in the organization of all important skiing events in the High Tatras. For more than half a century his passion was the Slovak Grand Prix in downhill skiing at which he was the race director for incredible 26 years which were part of the World Cup series several times and their 20th year in 1974 was run as the men's and women's World Cup final.

He was and still is well known on the world skiing scene. After all, he acted as a FIS technical delegate at a number of international downhill competitions, as well as a jury member at the 1988 Olympic Games and at the 1985 and 1991 World Championships. For incredible 33 years he was a member of the FIS subcommittee for the downhill course setting and certification after which he became an honorary member. He was also a member of the FIS Commission for the European Cup. Read more....

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